Stanton & Co:
Athlete Highlights

Hilary Knight: Professional Ice Hockey Player

Hilary Knight, a professional ice hockey player, is a tremendous force to be reckoned with and this highlight reel proves to potential sponsors why she is a good bet. She continues to inspire both on and off the ice. This was used to help promote Hilary to potential sponsors.

Jamie Anderson: Professional Snowboarder

We were excited to partner once again with Stanton & Co. to help put together a sizzle reel for another one of their very talented athletes. This particular video touches upon the career highlights of Jamie Anderson, a professional snowboarder, and was an integral part of their presentations to potential sponsors.

Jordyn Wieber: Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast
Lydia Jacoby: Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

This was an intro montage put together for Amy Stanton, CEO of Stanton & Co. for her discussion panel on mental health at the SxSW Conference. It features the highlights of Jordan Wieber (Olympic Gold Medal gymnast) and Lydia Jacoby (Olympic Gold Medal swimmer).